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Module EtherCAT Slave 4 trục xung đầu ra Nexcom AXE-5904

Mã sản phẩm: AXE-5904

Point-to-point 4-axis Pulse Type Motion EtherCAT Slave Module

Chia sẻ:

Module EtherCAT Slave 4 trục xung đầu ra Nexcom AXE-5904

AXE-5904 is a 4-axis pulse type point-to-point motionEtherCAT slave module, featuring real-time EtherCAT communication and CiA 402 device profile for machine automation applications requiring high-speed and point-to-points function. With pulse type commands, AXE-5904 supports pulse pulse output rate and encoder input up to 4MHz in 4 xAB phase mode and build-in dedicated I/O points for servo control and mechanism to facilitate building up whole machines.

Pulse Type Motion Control Number of axes: 4

Pulse output rate: up to 4Mpps

Pulse command output: CW/ CCW, OUT/DIR

Committed I/O Signal: LS±/CMP±/HS/SVON/RDY/INP/ALM/ARST/DCLR for each axis

Encoder Input Encoder input type: Incremental, 32-bit

Encoder signal: CW/ CCW, AB/Z

Positioning Range: -2,147,483,648 through 2,147,483,647 pulse (32-bit)

Max. input frequency: 4MHz

General I/O General-purpose input: 3 channel per axis

Input type: photo-coupler input (corresponding to current sink output)

Response time of DI (Max.): 100 μsec

General-purpose output: 2 channel per axis

Response time of DO (Max.): 100 μsec

Power Requirements DC input range: DC 24V ±10% with over-voltage and reversed-voltage protection
Common Section Data transfer medium: Ethernet cable (min CAT 5), shield

Bus interface: 2x RJ-45Data transfer rate: 100M baud

Protocol: EtherCAT

Device profile: CiA 402

Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C

Relative humidity:35~85%, non-condensation, operating10~90%, non-condensation, non-operating

Shock: IEC 60068 2-27

Vibration: IEC 60068 2-64

Enclosure type rating: IP00

Mounting type: DIN-rail

Dimension (mm): 120.1(W) x 188(L) x 55.6(H)

Certifications CE

FCC Class A

AXE-5904 (P/N: 10J40590400X0)
Point-to-point 4-axis pulse type motion EtherCAT Slave Module

Date Description Version OS Download
2017-03-07 ESI Windows 0.01MB


Date Description Version OS Download
2018-11-02 Quick Reference Guide Windows 0.49MB
2019-01-30 User Manual Windows 5.3MB