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Card Mini-PCIe sang DeviceNET Master/Slave Nexcom FBI90E-DNM

Mã sản phẩm: FBI90E-DNM

DeviceNET Master/Slave, Universal FBI module kit

Chia sẻ:

Card Mini-PCIe sang DeviceNET Master/Slave Nexcom FBI90E-DNM

DeviceNet is the communication protocol developed by Allen-Bradley. It is the typical protocol used in the Allen-Bradley compatible slave devices and remote I/O modules. It is very popular in factory automation application in American and Asian area. By using this interface card in PC-based platform, it can easily to establish the Allen-Bradley compatible PC-based control system.

Form Factor mini-PCIe card with separated connector board
Slaves Max. 63
Cyclic Data Max. 7168, 255 Bytes/Slave
Acylic Data Get/Set_Attribute
I/O Connections Poll




Functions Predefined Master-Slave

Connection Set

UCMM supported

FBI90E-DNM (P/N: 10J50090E03X0)
Mini-PCIe DeviceNet master card Cable length: 15cm

FBI 90E-DNM Universal Kit (P/N: 10J50090E10X0)
Mini-PCIe DeviceNet master module kit w/universal bracket Cable length: 25cm

Date Description Version OS Download
2015-02-16 Quick Reference Guide Windows 18.69MB