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Card Mini-PCIe sang Profibus Master/Slave Nexcom FBI90E-PBM

Mã sản phẩm: FBI90E-PBM

Profibus Master/Slave, Universal FBI module kit

Chia sẻ:

Card Mini-PCIe sang Profibus Master/Slave Nexcom FBI90E-PBM

The Profibus is the protocol developed by Siemens. It is the major communication protocol in Siemens system and it is almost the most popular industrial communication protocol in worldwide. In factory automation application system, this protocol is with over 40% marketing share. And it is the basic network protocol for Siemens system. By equipping this interface, it can be compatible with lots of the Siemens systems in factory automation application.

Form Factor mini-PCIe card with separated connector board
I/O Devices Max. 125
Cyclic Data Max. 7168, 244 Bytes/Slave
Acylic Data 240 Bytes/Request
DPVI Class 1, 2 Yes
Configuration Data 244 Bytes/Slave
Appl. Specific Parameter 237 Bytes/Slave

FBI90E-PBM (P/N: 10J50090E01X0)
Mini-PCIe Profibus master card Cable length: 15cm

FBI 90E-PBM Universal Kit (P/N:10J50090E09X0)
Mini-PCIe Profibus master module kit w/universal bracket Cable length: 25cm

Date Description Version OS Download
2015-02-16 Quick Reference Guide Windows 18.69MB