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Interactive Signage Solution Packs

The driving forces of the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud technology, and big data analytics have sparked a new wave of innovations for many industries. NEXCOM maps out the major opportunities helping retailers, hospitality, transportation operators and more to innovate user experience. NEXCOM also shows how it integrates add-on software with ecosystem partners to create smart end-to-end solutions that accurately provide the user with unprecedented engagement required to drive satisfaction, fuel revenue growth and spur higher ROI. To help customers create business opportunities in the IoT era, NEXCOM launches the idea of Solution Pack putting key components into one handy box for demonstration, evaluation, and showcasing.

Product Model Name HW Functions Frame Dimension (mm)
Kít demo máy tính nhúng phát hình số (Digital Signage Player) Nexcom DSS-100


Digital Signage Solution PDSB 325, PowerDigiS signage software Digital Signage Solution Pack 480mm (L) x 340mm (W) x 140mm (D)
Kít demo máy tính nhúng phát hình số (Digital Signage Player) Nexcom IDS-100


Instant Digital Shelf Solution, PDSB 325, NDiS B535, 1080p camera, ESL base station, 2" ESLx1, 4.4" ESLx1, facial analytics SW, PowerDigiS signage SW Instant Digital Shelf Solution Pack 900mm (L) x 570mm (W) x 270mm (D)
Kít demo giải pháp nghiên cứu ứng dụng bán lẻ áp dụng IoT Nexcom RAS-100


10.4" display x 2, NDiS B535, NCi-311 Retail Analytics Solution 900mm (L) x 570mm (W) x 270mm (D)
Kit demo giải pháp nghiên cứu ứng dụng phát hiện hàng hóa trong ứng dụng IoT bán lẻ Nexcom RDK-100


10.4" display, NDiS B535, Intel RealSense camera, 10.1" tablet, Gesture control software Interactive Gesture Controlled Solution 480mm (L) x 340mm (W) x 140mm (D)
Kit demo giải pháp máy tính nhúng bán hàng tự động ứng dụng IoT Nexcom SSK-100


NDiS B325-SI3, Power Digis Signage software, Quividi VidiReports Pro, Microsoft Azure cloud account. Optional: FHD camera, touch display Smart Self Ordering Kiosk 226.34 (L) x 147.40 (W) x 29.00 (D) mm
Kit demo giải pháp bán hàng tự động thông minh ứng dụng IoT Nexcom SSS-100


NDiS B325-SI3, Quividi VidiReports Pro&VidiCenter, Optional: FHD camera, Display Signage, PowerDigiS Smart Shelf Solution 226.34mm (L) x 147.40mm (W) x 29.00mm (D)
Kit demo phân tích video Nexcom VAS-100


10.4" display, PDSB 325, NDiS B535, 1080p camera, facial analysis software, PowerDigiS signage software Video Analytics Solution 480mm (L) x 340mm (W) x 140mm (D)