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Robot 7 trục (axis) Nexcom MiniBOT-7R

Mã sản phẩm: MiniBOT-7R

7-axis Robot Package for Education

Chia sẻ:

Robot 7 trục (axis) Nexcom MiniBOT-7R

EtherCAT Communication

Based on standard EtherCAT communication, MiniBOT provides an expandable distributed control system. It is also a good material for EtherCAT-related training.

Industrial Robot Design

By referring to design of general industrial 7-axis articulated robots, MiniBOT is built in the same concept. Its nude mechanical architecture makes it easy to learn the structure of an industrial robot.

Open Development Environment

MiniBOT comes with a utility tool to directly operate the robot. Robotic control APIs are also provided in Windows platform, so that users can leverage its openness to develop any kind of robot applications.

Robot Arm Robot Arm

Degree of freedom: 7

Payload: 1kg

Driving system: EtherCAT Servo Moto

Position feedback: Absolute encoder

Operation range: 682.5mm (maximum)
– J1: +175° to -159°
– J2: ±123°
– J3: ±167°
– J4: ±129°
– J5: ±167°
– J6: ±108°
– J7: ±180°

Repeatability: ±0.12mm

Weight: arm 40kg

Input voltage: single phase 240Vac

Controller DI/O: 16ch DI/15-ch DO

Power Input : Single Phase 220V ac 10A

Dimension : 480W*552D*264H (mm)

Weight :32kg

Safety : 1 x EMG on teach pendant, 1 x EMG on external I/O

Software NexARC runtime(Robot control runtime)

NexMotion Studio(Configuration Utility)

Provide standard robot motion control functions

Support C\C++,C# and VB.Net for user programming


Installation Installation: Floor-mounting

Robot Package

MiniBOT-7R robot package (P/N: 98ROBO000001F)


Robot stand For MiniBOT-7R (P/N: 6879ROBO0005F) 80 x 80 x 78 (cm)

Gripper package (P/N: 7900000181X00)

Terminal board package (P/N: 7900000182X00) 2m and DB-37 terminal board