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NEXCOM 20: A Major Achievement in The Eye of DELTA

NEXCOM maps out a solution blueprint for Industry 4.0, which seamlessly integrates connected manufacturing and big data cloud computing.

NEXCOM IoT Automation Solutions (IAS) Business Group has broadened its Industry 4.0 solutions to include cyber-physical system (CPS) ready solutions (iAutomation), robot solutions (NexROBO), EtherCAT motion solutions (NexMotion), and industrial network & cloud solutions. All solutions leverage NEXCOM IoT Studio and IoT gateways to stream field data to cloud services powered by world-renowned cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix™ and iSAP etc.

The integrated cloud-enabled services such as remote management, big data analytics, machine learning, and business intelligence (BI) can provide benefits such as remote monitoring to enable exception management and advanced process control.

For instance, operators can benefit by getting an accurate measure of machine status and factory operations in real-time, as well as integrating enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) systems to optimize supply chain management. Based on live field data, big data analytics and machine learning can establish predictive models that assist operators in managing factory operations, identifying causes for abnormal conditions, and taking corrective actions. Preventive maintenance can be executed prior an equipment failure to ensure production efficiency and yield rate.

Positioning itself as an industrial IoT forerunner, NEXCOM has broadened its Industry 4.0-ready iAutomation solutions, including cyber-physical system (CPS) ready solutions, robot solutions, EtherCAT motion solutions, and industrial network & cloud solutions for smart manufacturing. Mirroring the ambition for Industry 4.0, a connected factory will enable raw data to be exchanged over the network and translated into valuable information, helping enterprises make insightful decisions and therefore increase competiveness in fast-paced industries. Our best-in-class solution topology has new technological breakthroughs and innovative convergence of data communications technology. It can better serve customers in an increasingly competitive global marketplace and lead manufacturers to smart factory automation.

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