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Máy tính nhúng công nghiệp IoT Gateway Nexcom NISE 50-GCIoT

Mã sản phẩm: NISE 50-GCIoT

Google Cloud IoT Ready i4.0 IoT Gateway

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Máy tính nhúng công nghiệp IoT Gateway Nexcom NISE 50-GCIoT

NISE 50-IoT series is designed to acquire data from PLCs or devices in the field, and upload or push it to Google Cloud. The NISE 50 GCIoT Ready IIoT Gateway can also perform simple logic control with its own compute resources. With this acquired data, it can help users improve their process parameters or predict the machine’s maintenance schedule to reduce down time. IoT-Studio, which is a built-in application, speeds up the development and reduces time to deployment.

Communication Protocols Modbus TCP

Modbus RTU


OPC UA client

OPC UA server (NISE 50-GCP-UB support)

Modbus TCP/RTU
– Most common communication protocol
– Connect up to 5 devices max

OPC UA Client/Server
– OPC UA Client for getting data from the device
– PC UA Server for access and display data to HMI (NISE 50-GCP-UB only)

– A lightweight messaging protocol
– Push data or message to the cloud or database

System Configuration Intel Atom® E3826, 1.46GHz

On-board 2GB DDR3L 1066/1333 RAM

16G mSATA SSD installed

3 x mini-PCIe socket for optional Wi-Fi/3.5G modules

System I/O Interface ATX power on/off switch

1 x Storage, 2 x GPIO programmable LED

1 x SIM card holder

2 x Intel® I210-AT GbE LAN ports

1 x HDMI display output

4 x USB 2.02 x Antenna holes for optional Wi-Fi/3.5G antenna

3 x COM for DB9 connector

Power and Dimension Power input: 24V DC +/-20%

Dimensions: 162mm(W) x 26mm(H) x 150mm(D) without wall-mount bracket

Software Package Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB Entry 64-bit

Ubuntu 14.04.5 64-bit

IoT Studio with dashboard

OPC UA Server (NISE 50-GCP-UB only)

Certification CE

FCC Class A


Web Configuration IoT Studio
– Rapid prototyping/engineering tool
– With IoT-Studio, user can easy to configure the NISE50-GCP setting
Remote Access
– Access and management NISE50-GCP anywhere via browser
– Support popular browser based on HTML5 & CSS3
Cloud Connectivity Available Google Cloud IoT Core and Cloud IoT Edge
– Service of reliable and secure bidirectional communications between IoT devices and cloud
Dashboard UI/HMI Support Dashboard
– Quickly create a dynamic data dashboard
– Provide variety of widgets for user to directly use via simple configuration
Connect to HMI
– Build in OPC UA Server function which provides data access for SCADA, HMI or controller used

NISE 50-GCIoT (P/N: 10J00005038X0)
Google Cloud IoT Ready i4.0 IoT Gateway


24V, 60W AC/DC power adapter w/o power cord (P/N: 7400060033X00)