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Thiết bị mạng Network Appliance Nexcom NSA 5170C

Mã sản phẩm: NSA 5170C
Intel® 6th Gen. Xeon®/CoreTM/Pentium® Processors (Skylake-S), 1U Rackmount with 4 LAN Module
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Thiết bị mạng Network Appliance Nexcom NSA 5170C

NEXCOM network appliance NSA 5170C helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) scrutinize network traffic with ease. Featuring Intel® Xeon® product family, the NSA 5170C delivers scalable computing performance, high port density, and easy expansions of high-speed networking interface. By simplifying deployment, configuration, and management of network security controls, NEXCOM network appliance can fend off unauthorized access, patch potential security loopholes, and create protected networks for business environments.

Main Board NSB 5170C

Intel® Skylake-S Xeon®/CoreTM/Pentium® processors

Intel® C236

Main Memory 4 x DDR4 2133/2400 DIMM support ECC/non-ECC memory, max. 64GB
LAN Features Swappable LAN modules

LAN bypass
* Please see LAN module list information

I/O Interface-Front Power status/HDD status/2 x GPIO status LEDs

1 x Management ports (LAN chip: Intel® i210)

2 x USB 2.0 ports

1 x RJ45 type console port

1 x Reset button

4 x PCIe Gen.3 LAN module slots (x8, x8, x4, x4)

I/O Interface-Rear 1 x VGA port

1 x Power button switch

2 x USB 2.0 port

Devices 1 x CF card

1 x 2.5” HDD bay

Power Input Power supply 300W (1+1) redundant PSU
Dimensions Chassis dimension: 438 mm x 480 mm x 44 mm

Carton dimension: 665 mm x 547 mm x 226 mm

Weight Without packing: 7.5 KG

With packing: 10.5 KG

Certifications CE Approval

FCC Class A




NSA 5170C (P/N: 10S00517002X0)
Supports Intel® Skylake-S Xeon®/Core™/Pentium® processors, 4 x DDR4, 2 x PCIe x8 LAN and 2 x PCIe x4 LAN expansion slot (front), w/ o LCM


Model P/N Controller Interface Type Port Number Bypass/Segment Expansion Slot Location Slot
NX 140F 10S20140F01X0 XL710-BM1 PCIe x8 4 SFP+ None None 1,2
NX 142F 10S20142F01X0 XL710-BM1 PCIe x8 4 SFP+ 2 bypass None 1,2
NX 120F 10S20120F00X0 X710-BM2 PCIe x8 2 SFP+ None None 1,2
NI 140F 10SK000NI02X0 i350AM4x1 PCIe x8 4 SFP None None All Slot
NI 180F 10S10180F01X0 i350AM4x2 PCIe x8 8 SFP None None 2
NI 142C 10SK000NI03X0 i350AM4x1 PCIe x8 4 Copper 2 bypass None All Slot
NI 180C 10S10180C01X0 i350AM4x2 PCIe x8 8 Copper None None 2
NI 184C 10S10184C01X0 i350AM4x2 PCIe x8 8 Copper 4 bypass None 2
NI 142F 10S10142F01X0 i350AM4x1 PCIe x8 4 SFP 2 bypass None All Slot
NI 121F 10S10121F01X0 i350AM2x1 PCIe x8 2 SFP 1 bypass None All Slot
NI 140C 10S10140C01X0 i350AM4x1 PCIe x8 4 Copper None None All Slot
NC220Q28M 10S30022002X0 MT27708A0-FDCF-CE PCIex16 2 QSFP28 None None 1,2


NSA 5170C I/O

Date Description Version OS Download
2018-08-31 Quick Guide Windows 0.79MB
2019-05-23 User Manual Windows 9.36MB