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Thiết bị mạng Network Appliance Nexcom NSA 6310

Mã sản phẩm: NSA 6310
1U Rackmount uCPE w/ NXP® Layerscape® LX2160A SoC Processors, 4 x GbE RJ45 and 2 x SerDes LAN Modules
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Thiết bị mạng Network Appliance Nexcom NSA 6310

Our 1U rackmount uCPE NSA 6310, based on the NXP® Layerscape® LX2160A SoC, helps telecom companies build virtualization environments. The device combines sixteen ARM Cortex®-A72 processor cores with high-performance data path accelerators, IEEE 1588, and BMC for networking and telecom/datacom uses. The 1U rackmount uCPE’s flexible I/O networking design supports 25G/10G/1G speeds, while its architecture supports FPGA or GPU cards for edge computing.

Main Board NXP® Layerscape® LX2160A SoC, BGA type

LX2160A, 16 cores

LX2120A, 12 cores

LX2080A, 8 cores

Main Memory 4 x DDR4 3100 ECC-DIMM sockets, up to 64GB
Storage 1 x 2.5” internal SSD/HDD bays

1 x M.2 2280 B key, supports SATA signal

Front I/O 4 x LED: Power/System/HDD/Error

Button: Reset

1 x Console port: RJ45 x1

2 x Management port: RJ45 x2 (LX2160 and BMC)

2 x USB 3.0 type-A port

4 x GbE RJ45 ports

1 x Micro SIM card slot

2 x SerDes LAN module slots

1 x PCI-Express card slot

2 x Fixed smart fans

2 x Power inlets

Interface Internal 1 x mini-PCIe for Wi-Fi

1 x M.2 2280 B key with SIM slot for LTE

1 x SO-DIMM slot for NEXCOM BMC module

SPI I/O pin-heard for GPS module

SPI I/O pin-heard for TPM

Micro SD slot for RMA

Power 550W 1+1 CRPS redundant power supply (default)

12V/550W + 54V/850W CRPS power supply (for PoE application)

Dimensions and Weight Chassis dimension (mm): 430 x 480 x 44

Package dimension (mm): 616 x 551 x 175

Without packing: TBD

With packing: TBD

Environment Operating temperature: 0°C~40°C

Storage temperature: -20°C~80°C

Relative humidity: 10%~90%, non-condensing

Certifications CE/FCC Class A (planning)

Arm Server Ready (planning)


NSA 6310 (P/N: 10S00631000X1)
1U NXP® Layerscape® LX2160A SoC Processors, 4 x GbE RJ45 and 2 x SerDes module slot

Model P/N Controller Type Port Number Bypass/ Segment Expansion Slot Location Slot
NSK7400 20SK0740000X1 TI DS250DF410 SerDes x4 SFP28 x4 None None Slot A
NSK7100 20SK0710000X1 Inphi CS4223 SerDes x4 SFP+ x4 None None All Slot
NSK7602 20SK0760200X1 Marvell 88X3340P SerDes x4 10GbE x4 Copper None None All Slot
NSK7601 20SK0760100X1 Marvell 88E1543 SerDes x4 1GbE x4 Copper None None All Slot