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Hệ thống kit demo hệ thống Nông trại thông minh Nexcom Smart Farming Solution Pack

Mã sản phẩm: Smart Farming Solution Pack

All-in-One Pack built-in NIFE Automation Controller

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Hệ thống kit demo hệ thống Nông trại thông minh Nexcom Smart Farming Solution Pack

Trolley F6 smart farming solution pack is a training/demo kit for smart farming. It demonstrates how to utilize display, PC-based controller, Modbus TCP I/O device, and IIoT Studio dashboard to process data from OT level to IT level. This is an excellent solution pack which users can understand the basic I4.0 architecture, practice essential scenarios of smart farming, and gains comprehensive OT/IT knowledge for building a cloud-based project.

Increase Farming Productivity Cloud based monitoring

Optimize farming productivity and efficiency

Self-control environment factors (ex.)

Temperature, humidity and CO2

Self-control fan for ventilation costs

From Field Data to Cloud SoftLogic P10 performance for I/O access

IIoT Studio for easy drag & drop development

Modbus TCP/RTU I/O Support Compliant with world’s most common I/O device

FAN control, fire alarm, water spreader

On site monitoring (temperature, humidity, etc.)

Strong Controller Protection EMC heavy industry standard

IEC61131-2 voltage drop test verfied

NIFE103/NIFE105 – P10 Performance SoftPLC Controller Support multi-core, multi-tasking powered by Intel® Atom® dual core processor

Compliant with industrial IEC61131-3 programming languages (LD/ FBD/SFC/IL/ST/CFC)

Support up to 1.0ms cycle time and 512 I/O points

Support PLC handler APIs and OPC-UA server for communication

Support industrial Ethernet Fieldbus protocols (EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET)

Support industrial GbE LAN, COM, and USB ports

eLite610 10” HMI w/ IIoT Studio Cost efficient 10” inch display with JMobile software built-In

Support IIoT Studio dashboard

VIPA Modbus TCP Device I/O Connecting with DI/DO/AI/FAN peripheral devices

Scenarios for farming simulation with 4 indicators, 1 switch, 1 fan, and 3 knobs

IIoT Studio V1.2 – Web Configuration Tool for Cloud Application User friendly and Web-based configuration tool by click and drop actions

Manage cyber physical system efficiently by NEXCOM hardware information nodes

Connect to cloud securely with verified MQTT and AMQP nodes

Support SQLite for database application and https for web service

Support fieldbus (PROFINET, PROFIBUS, Ethernet/IP) configuration

Support Modbus/RTU and Modbus/TCP master, OPC-UA client for field devices/controller data concentration

Trolley F6 Smart Farming Solution Pack
All-in-One Pack built-in NIFE Automation Controller, Modbus TCP I/O, JMobile HMI and IIoT Studio easily connecting to Cloud