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Remote Management Utility Nexcom Xcare™ 3.0

Mã sản phẩm: Xcare™ 3.0

Remote Management Utility

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Remote Management Utility Nexcom Xcare™ 3.0

Xcare™ 3.0, a remote management utility, helps system integrators (SIs) develop a remote management tool with less time and effort. The Xcare™ 3.0 integrates Embedded Application Programming Interface (EAPI), Device Client and Remote Console. The Xcare™ 3.0 provides a unified platform to monitor and control up to 36 NEXCOM embedded computers. Based on the Xcare™, SIs can easily come up with a remote management tool to help the client carry out proactive maintenance; therefore, ensure optimal operation of NEXCOM computers all the time.

“Device Client” is real-time hardware system monitoring and controlling tool which is designed based on NEXCOM platforms. Users can use it to monitor the temperature, voltage and storages…etc. An optional pop-up or beep warning can be activated when any monitored item is out of the pre-defined range.

“Remote Console” is a remote monitoring, control utility running on administrator side, user can use it to monitor up to 36 devices.

“Embedded API” offering control library on: Watchdog timer, I2C/SMBus Bus, Panel brightness, GPIO, NVRAM, DRAM & Storage (Hard disk/selected SSD).

Support OS Windows XP Professional SP3

Windows Embedded Standard 2009

Windows 7 Professional SP1 x86 / x64*

Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1 x86 / x64*
Note: Need .Net Framework 2.0 or above version, X64 will by project base.

Support Hardware NISE105


NISE 3600

NISE 3500

NISE 104

NISE 2110

NIFE100 series

NIFE200 series

APPC 1235T

APPC 1930T
Note: Products and models are listed but not limited, please contact your sales representatives for updates.